A chandelier can create so much decorative impact that almost nothing can beat it.
Therefore it should be first on the decorations budget of your event

Rentalamp kroonluchter verhuur

Imagine this event without chandeliers.

Before you choose.
Check your event location:
for height and the floor detentions. If all doors and entrances are width and high enough to get the chandelier thru.
Chandeliers are in one piece and can not be dissembled. Packing sizes are in the download page.

Please check if the weights are suitable too, especially in tents.

Choose the size of the chandelier.
The sizes S M L XL XXL. are “event sizes”. A normal chandelier for home use is 50 up to 70 cm diameter, our chandelier S is 80 cm diameter!
The most important is the height of your event location.
With these ceiling height you can use these chandeliers.
Ceiling height 2,8m-3,2m advice ST WL TB S
Ceiling height 3,2m-3,6m advice ST WL TB S M
Ceiling height 3,6m-5m advice ST WL TB S M L
Ceiling height 5m-5,5m advice ST WL TB S M L XL
Ceiling height 5,5m and up advice ST WL TB S M L XL XXL
Above a table, bar or buffet the ceiling height could be much lower.

How many?
For almost all events: choose the largest chandelier possible, in the smallest numbers.
For example:  One XL has more decorative impact than 4 M, and its cheaper in rent and rigging costs too.
don’t overdo it, unless that is your intention.  For example: If you want to create a chic event it is better not to oversize.

A low ceiling room with a large surface needs more chandeliers then the same room with a high ceiling

Too low ceiling rooms
These are the most difficult to decorate rich and luxurious. Best is to mask the limited height by using WL and ST. A chandelier above a table is possibility.

Too high ceiling rooms
Industrial and other large locations that needs more coziness.. Lower the “ceiling”, by hanging chandeliers divided over the room with the biggest in the centre, all at the same height. Medallions (see Deluxe) will increase this effect.
Divide the space it in to smaller “rooms”
For industrial and large size buildings we have developed a room dividing system, please check our new website

Please read the Tips & tricks page too

All above is just an advice. Decorating is an art without standard rules.

Need more advice? Feel free to contact me: Thomas Kikkert by email Please add the dimensions and some pictures of the event location in your email  Or call me +31 75 6413401  in English and Nederlands.