Chandelier M

Diameter 80cm Height 70 cm 8 lights.
With 80 cm diameter still a quite large chandelier. Sometimes even too big for in a regular home.
Mostly used in window-shops and in tents.
Also great in a row above the bar.

All the chandeliers *² are of an excellent high quality. The frame is chromed/ nicked steal and the decorations consists of glass and crystal parts. They are delivered with oldfasioned lightbulbs of 15W, that give warm light.
Made for indoor use. Easy to transport and to rig.

All our chandeliers *² can be rented with or without staff. And we can arrange the transportation for you or you are welcome to make your own arrangements.

All chandeliers *² are availible in quantities of 10 or more.

Check our rental prices and more info here.


*² with exception of chandelier Quattro XL en Quattro XL High

Chandelier M Rentalamp chandelier rental

Chandelier M Rentalamp chandelier rental