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Why chandeliers from Nostalgie BV – Rentalamp?

  • The chandeliers, classic European designs. Of which a considerable number of 100% own design. And therefore not available elsewhere.
  • The style; Austrian Maria Theresa. The most labor-intensive to produce chandelier, but one of the most beautiful and “sociable”.
  • At shows and events is “played” with light. Because the chandeliers of nickel / crystal and glass are reflected and absorbed light any color.
    If lighted with color the effect enormously.
  • The chandeliers fit in almost all styles in both a modern and a classic interior. “Silver” colored chandeliers are easier to combine then “golden”
  • Even with a low ceiling, it is still possible with our lamps to hang a large voluminous chandelier.
  • The product range. Our lamps are all of the same style and can therefore be used together.
  • Professional quality.
  • Full-size events lamps, the largest chandeliers in the European market.
  • A large stock.

But also:

  • Good logistics contacts.
  • We think along with you. For scheduling build up and brake down times. And we look for the cheapest transportation options.
  • Own transport and lifting / suspension means, so we can flexibly deliver our services.
  • Over 25 years of professional experience in producing / Reparse / restore and hanging chandeliers.
  • We also sells chandeliers. View the offers on : Nostalgiebv.com

With advice from one of the most experienced experts of chandeliers in the Netherlands you will have the right chandelier for your event.

Rentalamp is the rental branch of Nostalgie BV. Originally a chandelier manufacturer.

The warehouse is in Wormerveer, near Amsterdam. And recently a 2nd warehouse in Paris. Our area is virtually everywhere.
Especially in France, Germany, Austria and the Benelux countries, often Switzerland and the UK. And sometimes further afield as Qatar in the Middle East and .Azerbeidzjan.

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