Chandelier 3XLh – Tripel XL high

Diameter 2,2m Height 3m 108 lights.
A gigantic chandelier. .
Often just 1 or 2  3XLh chandeliers will do the magic.

Rental price : 675 Euro for five days.

The price is the total price for the timespan up to 5 days.
The price is excluding VAT, excluding the transportation and without rigging.

All chandeliers *² are available in quantities of 10 or more pieces.

1. Full-service: We take care off the transportation and build up.
2. Transport service: The chandeliers will be delivered by a transportation company.  Price wise, often the best choice.
3.Self Service: You can make arrangement for the transportation and do the build up with your own team.

All chandeliers *² are made in the same high quality.
They are made of glass and crystal parts with chrome frame.
The light bulbs are incandescent light bulbs.
With the warm ambiance and comforts, as it used to be.
The chandeliers are easy to transport and to hang.

*² Except for chandelier 4XL and 4XLh

3XLh Rentalamp chandelier rent