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Rentalamp kroonluchter verhuur

Imagine this event without chandeliers.

Choose the size of the chandelier.

The most important is the height of your event location.
With these ceiling height you can use these chandeliers:
Ceiling height 2,8m-3,2m advice   M L
Ceiling height 3,2m-3,6m advice   M L (XL)
LCeiling height 3,6m-5m advice   M L XL (XXL)
Ceiling height 5m-5,5m advice M L XL XLH XXL 3XL 3XLH.
Ceiling height 5,5m and up advice  ALL.

Please contact for 4XL and 4XLH.

Above a table, bar or buffet the ceiling height could be much lower.

How many?

For almost all events: choose the largest chandelier possible, in the smallest numbers.
For example:  One XL has more decorative impact than 4 M, and its cheaper in rent and rigging costs too.
But d
on’t overdo it, unless that is your intention.  For example: If you want to create a chic event it is better not to oversize.

A low ceiling room with a large surface needs more chandeliers then the same room with a high ceiling.


  • The hanging height is very important. The chandeliers must be at the right height. Try different heights if you are not sure. Make sure that there is enough hanging equipment to do this.    A too high hanging chandelier is a waste!
  • All the same type/size chandelier at the same height.
  • Symmetry, people love it. If you want to hang or place symmetric. Make sure it is symmetric, on chandelier out off symmetry will show


Rentalamp kroonluchter verhuur

  • Wrap a rag around the steel cable or chain, this accentuates the chandelier.
  • To create a special dramatic effect by hanging the chandelier extremely low. For example, over a piano, table or buffet.
  • Create different atmospheres with colors.
    Our chandeliers are made of glass and nickel / chrome and wite candles.
    They are colorless. They reflect any color you want.
    A spotlight with a color filter (or a color LED) does the trick.
    One or two spots is often sufficient. Combine it with a dimmer on the chandelier and set it off as you wish.
    It’s cheap and fun to do. And the result is huge.
  • Couples: very simple and effective; on each side of a door / bar / stage etc. a lamp.

Rentalamp kroonluchter verhuurRows: Chandeliers as a “croud control”. You can create a clear “trail” or guide your visitors.